artist spotlight: lori glavin | artist spotlight: lori glavin | artist spotlight: lori glavin | artist spotlight: lori glavin | artist spotlight: lori glavin | artist spotlight: lori glavin | artist spotlight: lori glavin | connecticut-based artist, lori glavin's abstract paintings brighten our walls with every new shipment that arrives on our blue doorstep.  involved in visual arts for nearly 25 years, glavin has created a unique and signature look with every brushstroke.  we recently caught up with her for a little q&a --- and she didn't disappoint.  we love a get-to-know -- and even better that she is one of our very own! what's your biggest inspiration?  so many events, relationships, and visuals inspire my work. whether it’s a glimpsed image from the car, the landscape, a headline in the ny times or the pile of laundry in my upstairs hallway... they all seem to find their way into the work i make.  as an abstract painter, i take in all the images and ideas that interest me and somehow distill those influences into paintings. it’s a mystery to me how it works out. what is your process?  i go into the studio as much as i can and let visual ideas percolate in my head. then, i just start. i don’t make sketches for a painting. when i sketch, that’s a separate process... although very useful as a way to develop shape and composition ideas. i will often refer to a drawing or portion of a painting as a jumping off point. my technique is very intuitive and spontaneous. i rework things constantly and often go back to “finished work” to change it once again. what is your studio like?  i love my studio. it’s a medium sized room in an “L” shape. in one section, i have a charles brand printing press and there is plenty of room for numerous projects. currently i am working on a collage project with business reply envelopes in one section, a series of monotype/collages on another wall and I have about 5 paintings in various stages of completion. i jump from project to project all day long. how often are you in the studio?  i try to go to the studio every day monday through friday, even if it’s just for a few hours... and sometimes on the weekends... otherwise i get very grumpy. do you listen to music while you work?  i am a big music fan. i love discovering new artists on a local public radio station, wfuv in the bronx, and through my children. then, i listen to those artists on pandora radio. what are your favorites?  right now i’m listening to portugal. the man on pandora and the new beck cd, morning phase. what is your favorite medium?  hard question, because i try not to have favorites. i love the juicyness of oils and I do love r & f oil sticks. but i also enjoy collaging different materials, (used envelopes are a favorite at the moment), old farm journal magazines from the 50’s i found in our barn in upstate ny, and i have a collection of old wood bits that i am thinking about. who is your favorite artist then & now?  then: philip guston, paul klee, richard diebenkorn.  now: el antasui, amy sillman, leonardo drew, mark bradford, tara donovan do you ever pull an all-nighter?  not since college! what's your favorite color?  my favorite color is green. but i try not to use it too much in paintings. what is your must-have artist tool?  i can’t really narrow it down. I use so many different tools. I don’t really “travel light.” any signature strokes or trademarks?  i sign my paintings on linen on the back. i don’t like the way a signature on the front disrupts the image.
24 Jul 2014