Arienne Lepretre

Arienne completed her MFA at SMU in Dallas in 2013 and her BFA in Hamburg, Germany. She uses multiple mediums in her work, from graphite to watercolors to oil paints. She lives and works out of her studio in Lake Highlands near White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas.


Artist Statement
The works I paint originate in the landscape and can transform to become organic objects to stand alone or I might abstract to transform a composition from a previous work.  All of the artworks end up informing one anther.  Color is very intuitive and may be historical, appropriated from an image or simply observed from the garden.  Often the medium I use is fluid, water based and unpredictable, changing shape according to gradient.  There is always an element of risk and uncontrollability with the process which I am obliged to harness.  Scored pigments pool into the liquid fissures to create their own topographical garden, like a sensitive nervous system running through the surface.  

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