our collins interiors crew has been busy, busy!  we like to think of them as the smoothest operating circus we know because they are on-the-move all. the. time. leaving behind some real show-stoppers in their tracks. their cars alone are an act of their own.  instead of "how many clowns can fit in that tiny car?" it's more like "how many lampshades, light fixtures, fabric bolts, side tables, and chairs will squeeze in that SUV?"  (it's the honest to goodness truth).  up to their usual tricks, the collins gals orchestrated a big move-in for one dallas family late last week. months prior to a large install, every room is thoroughly thought out to the nth degree -- from play rooms to wine cellars, from craft rooms to his & her offices and from carriage houses to pool cabanas -- these designers create the vision for a home in its entirety.  and before every install, the girls do some of their best shopping with blue print to help bring that vision to life! {above}: ladies who lunch.  a few of the collins crew having a mid afternoon picnic.  this february day felt as if spring had sprung and no better place to break for lunch than outside.

14 Dec 1901