What a week! Our friends at Collins Interiors traveled to the south of Uganda to volunteer and help make a difference in a local school. They quickly realized that the children would be making a big impact on their lives. 

An amazing client of Collins Interiors started the KamuKama Foundation. The goal of the foundation is to grow and improve the Victory School in Bwindi. This school provides education for the most needy and vulnerable kids in that area. Without this school, these children would not have a foundation for a different life. The Collins Interiors ladies went to be with the students, help them write letters back to their USA sponsors and encourage the teachers.

The Collins Interiors gang mentioned that the children in Bwindi have close to nothing but are extremely happy. They help each other and are so patient with one another. They love each other well. Their music and sounds were so beautiful, and their precious voices made them cry.

Our friends even had the opportunity to join the families at church, and the congregation without fail put something in the Sunday offering – even when they had so little to give. They said it was a beautiful thing to see them place their coins in the offering basket. One person didn't have anything to bring except a watermelon from her garden.

Once the nursery students graduate, they hope to move onto being sponsored at a secondary school (middle school). The mission of the KamuKama Foundation is to continue their education beyond just the Victory School. If you would like to help and donate to the children of Bwindi, you can visit the KamuKama Foundation website at

We are excited about the growth of the KamuKama Foundation and are looking forward to seeing where it will take the children of Bwindi! 

17 Mar 2017

One of our Blue Print Partners, Caroline, just remodeled her entire home, and we were lucky enough to take a peek inside! 

We went twice: once when the rooms were empty and the paint on the walls was still wet, and again when the furniture had been moved in and the drapes had been hung. Caroline designed her home from top to bottom and did not leave out one detail. Not only is her house filled with large windows giving great natural light, but it's also overflowing with lots of love and laughter.

Take a look inside a few rooms, and let us know which one is your favorite! 

Before: Kitchen

After: Kitchen

Before: Toy Closet

After: Toy Closet

Before: Perry's Room

After: Perry's Room

Before: Hallway

After: Hallway

Before: Den

After: Den

06 Mar 2017

With almost two months of 2017 under our belt, we’ve already seen some trends that are buckled down for the year.

Color Rich Rooms

We’ve always been a fan of color, but we’re seeing more and more colors mixed into a room.  We are seeing more saturated & rich colors throughout the entire home, especially in upholstery. Don’t be afraid of mixing colors and patterns. It makes it more interesting!

Collins Interiors

Blue Print

Jenkins Interiors 

Memorable Molding

Molding has been around for ages, but it is making a comeback in a big and different way. Large custom moldings add interest and set spaces apart, plaster moldings are coming back in style, and we're beginning to paint moldings more often. We love unique moldings because they can be blended into both modern and traditional spaces. 

Jenkins Interiors

Kelly Wearstler

Collins Interiors

Wall to Wall Wallcoverings

We all know that beautiful wallcoverings shine in smaller spaces such as bathrooms and bedrooms, but they are beginning to make their way into bigger living spaces. We’re giving more attention to textures and adding them to unexpected spaces. Don't forget the ceilings! It is your 5th wall. If you don't paper it, lacquer it or paint it another color. 

Jenkins Interiors

Blue Print Interiors 

Tracy Hardenburg Designs

Mastering Master Closets

Master closets are becoming more like dressing rooms. We’re adding upholstery, beautiful light fixtures, and custom velvet linings in jewelry drawers. We’re bringing wallpaper here, too. 

Collins Interiors

LA Closet Design

Time for Trim

Trim often gets left out, but not this year. We’re seeing entire rooms painted in a single color, including the trim. While walls are traditionally used to showcase color, expect to see white walls with colored trim this year. We’re also bringing color to windows and doors with paint.

Tracy Hardenburg Designs

Jenkins Interiors

Brass is Back

We’ve mentioned before that brass is back, but it’s not going anywhere any time soon. From hardware and lighting to furniture accents and home accessories, it’s truly taking over.

Jenkins Interiors

Avrea Wagner

Morgan Farrow Interiors

Morgan Farrow Interiors

28 Feb 2017

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